What Type of Insurance Do You Need?

What Insurance To Buy in Singapore?

Are You Feeling This Way (About Your
Insurance) Right Now

• you are feeling you are paying too much for your premiums,
• you are feeling you are having too many policies,
you are confused whether you have got the right plans or the right amount of sum insured,
• you are wondering if you are properly insured,
and so on…

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, it’s time you need to do a Total Insurance Planning (TIP) – so that
you can have Complete Peace of Mind.

Whether you are an individual or you are a business owner (or a company), you own and you treasure what you have
in life – be it your family, your house or your business, etc.

It’s common that most of us often think we are paying too much for the premium. However, when (true) insurance
is concerned, ‘how much you are paying’ is NEVER the most important concern. ‘WHAT YOU ARE COVERED’ IS!

In fact, not only you need to know ‘what you are covered’, you also must know ‘how much you are covered’ and
‘how long you are covered’.

Let’s look at them once more:

1. What are you covered? (THE DEPTH)
2. How much are you covered? (THE HEIGHT)
3. How long are you covered? (THE WIDTH/LENGTH)

Just imaging your insurance portfolio is a wardrobe (a cupboard), you need to know

1. What is its WIDTH/LENGTH (How long are you covered)?
2. What is its HEIGHT (How much are you covered)?
3. What is its DEPTH (What are you covered)?


Deciding on which insurance to get is always confusing to most. Yet, it is the most important first step to any
proper insurance planning.

It’s made easy here.

Take a look at the diagram below and start asking yourself…

Types of Insurance Coverage


Question 1: “Are you insuring yourself, your family, or your business?”

Once you have the answer for Question 1, go to…

Question 2: “Are you talking about insuring ‘LIFE’ – for yourself, your family members, or your workers/partners, OR you simply want to insure your ‘NON-LIFE’ Physical Assets – your house, your car, your valuables, your factory, your stocks… many things you can insure?”

Question 3: “If you have narrowed down to ‘LIFE’, what are you insuring against: death, disability, sickness, or injury? And if you are insuring ‘NON-LIFE’ items, are you insuring against ‘Loss or damage to your assets‘, or are you insuring against ‘Legal Liabilities to third party‘?”


It is very important that you know:

• which TYPES of insurance coverage you have or need,
• what AMOUNT OF COVERAGE you have or need, and
how LONG you will be covered.

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