Personal / Family Insurance

Let’s start with an IMPORTANT NOTE…

First, Protection

It’s absolutely a right thing to do when you extend your insurance planning to provide protection to your family members – most often your parent, spouse and children who are dependent on you – against life’s unforeseen events such as physical disability, prolonged or critical illness or untimely death.

However, this is no more adequate in today’s complex world. It is necessary to take one serious look at what you have today.

A Total Insurance Planning (TIP) should ALSO protect yourself and your family against financial loss in areas like your home, your possessions, your valuables, your legal liabilities, etc.

To protect a person’s life is surely important. But any oversight in protecting your assets or legal liabilities can cause you great financial, emotional and physical pains.

Then, Savings and Investment

There are more and more people today using insurance products as an effective tool for savings and investment to achieve what they want in life. These can be education fund for children, business start-up fund or retirement fund for yourself, etc. Life insurance can instill the discipline of saving regularly and still provide that much needed insurance coverage for yourself and your loved ones against financial loss when you are not around.


Never Mix Up Protection with Savings / Investment

Be very careful when a so-called financial planner tells you that “Insurance is a lousy investment.”

They should complete the other half of the sentence… “Investment is a lousy insurance.”

You should place the importance of adequate coverage before any other kinds of savings or investment products.

Personal and Family’s Insurance Needs

With Total Insurance Planning (TIP), you can be assured that your personal and family’s insurance (and financial) needs are taken care of.

But first, you have to know what kinds of insurance products are available and are good to have.

Life and Health Insurance

•    Whole Life Insurance
•    Term Insurance
•    Endowment Insurance
•    Investment-Linked Insurance
•    Annuity
•    Accident & Health Insurance
•    Personal Accident Insurance
•    Critical Illness Insurance
•    Medical Insurance
•    Disability Income Insurance
•    Long-Term Care Insurance


Other Personal / Family Insurance

•    Travel Insurance
•    Motor Vehicle Insurance
•    Home-Owner Insurance
•    Mortgage Payment Insurance
•    Golfer’s Insurance
•    Personal Valuables
•    Identity Theft Insurance


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